We have produced and sponsored a series of world-class classical chamber concerts since 2010 for the benefit of the Kauai United Way. Ever since the program was first started, Kauai Klassics, as we call it, has brought to the island some of the finest musicians in the United States. We do this for a number of reasons:

  1. Our love of the music and the desire to share with other residents and visitors.

  2. A strong desire and commitment to the amazing and vital work that the Kauai United Way does for the community.

  3. To provide a unique opportunity to raise money for Kauai United Way without financial risk to them, as all but a small food reimbursement are paid for by us and our company, Personal Financial Consultants, Inc.

  4. To present chamber music up close and personal, including allowing audience members the opportunity to meet and greet the musicians.

  5. To offer an amazing opportunity for music students on Kauai to hear, see up close, and interact with these fine musicians. Since both of us have musical and artistic backgrounds, we felt the need to connect young aspiring Kauai music students with the “real thing”. One of our fondest memories is from a program a number of years ago, featuring a number of string players. One New York based musician, after the performance, allowed a young girl studying the violin, to try out her priceless Stradivarius! What a special moment for everyone!


This year, our musicians are from the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra and San Francisco Symphony. 


In addition to the concert, we will offer an opportunity to bid on a trips New York and San Francisco. The trisp include airfare for 2, lodging, concerts and/or Broadway Shows.

We donate the auction prizes which assures that funds go completely to the almost 30 non-profit entities in Kauai, with their local missions to assist those whose lives have been impacted by adversity. This event raises $30,000 - $40,000 every year!


One of the things we like about United Way is how they hold non-profit agencies accountable. Every year, agencies are vetted by a group of volunteers whose job it is to determine where the needs are and how best to serve the community. It's for this reason that we are working to expand their donor base from traditionally an employer/employee payroll programs. Kauai United Way should be at the top of the charitable giving list for small business owners, professionals, retirees and visitors who really want to help people on Kauai.

Loren Kayfetz and Pat Pannell

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